Fun with Calendars with Ms. Christie

Using an old calendar or the months we’ve passed so far the year, try some of the following with your kids 

Count how many: 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc. (visual scanning, finger isolation for pointing, 1:1 correspondence)

Circle numbers: circle all the 1’s (visual scanning, finger dexterity for making small circle)

Trace the letters /numbers – month, days of the week, holidays (motor control & grip)

Find their age and circle it. (problem solving, listening, manual dexterity to form circle)

Find today’s date; what was yesterday? What is tomorrow? How many days until the last day of the month? What month comes next? (problem solving)

Circle odds and evens in different colors (patterns, dexterity for making a circle)

Skip count by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s (visual scanning, motor planning)

Find the first day of the month, Last day of the month, Find any holidays (problem solving, visual scanning, isolating finger to point, grip for holding marker to cross off)

Play a form of Bingo with the calendar/month – first to fill a week or a day of the week column (following directions, matching, attention)

Cut on the line between the weeks, Cut on the line between the days of the week (hand strength if calendar is thicker paper, visual motor, endurance)

Put the #’s in order after cutting the dates apart (two handed work, crossing midline)

Play Bingo doing addition or subtraction: mark the responses to math problems (fine motor control to cross off or place bingo marker)

Cut apart the days and use for addition and subtraction problems or use them to show the answers (number formation & orientation)

What does the total of the numbers in a week total? (number formation, writing numbers inside the box)

Cut the dates apart and put in order – least to greatest; or greatest to least (two hand, grip strength, visual motor-cutting on the line)

Alphabetize the days of the week, or months, or holidays (visual scanning)

Put the cut apart numbers on the floor – jump to the answers of a math problem, or spread them around and jump to them in order (proprioceptive input, motor planning, grading movements)

Look up the origin of the holidays (working memory)

Graph the quantity of a number – how many of each? which has the most? which has the least? (fine motor coloring or labeling the graph)

Poll family on their favorite holiday and graph responses. (fine motor for taking tally and coloring in graph)

Tape the cut apart days to a piece of paper to make a dot-to-dot. (two handed work, visual motor)

Stack the cut apart numbers in order on a toothpick/straw/plastic needle/shoe lace (fine motor, two handed work, sequencing motor planning)

Use calendar/month as a board game – use a dice or a coin to flip to determine how far to move and items from the house as game pieces i.e. coins, cereal pieces, Legos (turn taking, palmer arch development, counting, grip to move token)

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