Toddler Nature Walk

by Arlene Sprague, Ph.D. As every parent of a toddler knows, toddlers are into movement and exploration. These “walk-about” babies are busy finding out about their environments through their own actions and senses. Physically, toddlers are working on body control, learning to stand on their own two feet and to get from here to there […]

See to Learn – Free at Three Vision Checkup at Select Doctors

WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR CHILD’S VISION ASSESSMENT Your child’s age will determine which testing is appropriate, but most assessments include a case history, vision testing, testing of eye alignment and an eye health examination, followed by a consultation with you on the findings. The American Optometric Association recommends that babies have their first eye exam […]

See to Learn Month

NEWS RELEASE For immediate release: April 30, 2024 Contact: Robb Crouch, Nebraska Optometric Association, 402-474-7716, See to Learn Month focuses on free vision screenings for 3-year-olds APRIL 30, 2024 — LINCOLN — In a proclamation, Gov. Jim Pillen has declared May as See to Learn Month in Nebraska. See to Learn is a statewide program that provides […]

Sharing Games

If your answer to the question above was “yes”, I’m not surprised. Sharing has become so natural to us adults that it’s easy to forget how complex and abstract the concept actually is to a beginner. I’ve heard many parents and carers tell toddlers to share but I’m not sure that many little ones understand […]

Sensory Activities FascinateMost Toddlers!

We just love sensory activities! Most active toddlers love to spend time doing this too. It is amazing how long your little one will be absorbed in these toddler activities (by toddler standards). It’s great fun for you and your toddler to be playing together. What are Sensory Activities? Well, other labels are messy play, […]

Free Toddler Games – Using items in your area.

Natural free toddler games are fantastic for those times when you can’t, or don’t want to carry a cart load of toys along with your toddler. The trick is to find things that are already in your environment and use them to entertain your toddler. Nature holds so much scope for learning, especially for a […]

Reading to Children: Why It’s So Important and How to Start

Babies and young children are sponges that soak in practically everything in their environments. It’s true! Even during story time, their minds are at work, taking in all the language they hear and lessons the characters learn. Reading to your child — at any age — will boost their brain development, your bond, and so […]

Ear Infection

When someone has an ear infection, fluid builds up in the middle ear. After a respiratory tract infection has gone away, fluid may remain inside the ear and take a month or longer to go away. Sometimes this fluid can become infected, leading to acute otitis media (AOM). OME is more common than AOM. Ear […]

The Baby Teeth Eruption Chart: All You Need to Know

This article was taken from the Pampers website but gives wonderful information. As your baby grows, you’ll start looking for those first tiny teeth to poke through the gums — an exciting milestone. Although the teething period can be hard for some babies, the upside is that you have lots of toothy grins to look […]

Fun Things to Paint With

Pudding Paint What you need:• Instant Vanilla Pudding• Food Coloring What to do: Mix pudding according to directions.Add food coloring for desired color.Finger paint on paper plates.Completely Edible! Kool-Aid Finger Paint What you need:• 2 cups flour• 2 packs unsweetened Kool-Aid• 1/2 cup salt3 cups boiling water• 3T. oil What to do:Mix wet into dry. […]