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See to Learn Month focuses on free vision screenings for 3-year-olds

APRIL 30, 2024 — LINCOLN — In a proclamation, Gov. Jim Pillen has declared May as See to Learn Month in Nebraska.

See to Learn is a statewide program that provides free comprehensive vision assessments for 3-year-olds, regardless of income, in the offices of participating Doctors of Optometry.

The assessment includes vision testing, testing of eye alignment and a check of eye health. The See to Learn assessments by optometrists look for potential vision issues beyond what is possible to identify in a pediatrician’s office or from a vision screening children may receive later in school.

To locate a See to Learn optometrist who provides free vision screenings for 3-year-olds, visit

“The whole point of the See to Learn program is to identify potential vision problems at an early, developmental age,” said Janet Seelhoff, Nebraska Optometric Association Executive Director. “The program acts like a safety net, helping us catch vision issues early before they develop into bigger problems.”

Eighty percent of what the brain processes comes through the visual system, yet one child in five has a vision problem, often without their parents knowing it.

Vision problems can interfere with developmental milestones, school performance, social interactions and self-esteem. If unaddressed, vision disorders that occur in childhood can continue well into adulthood, affecting an individual’s level of education, employment opportunities and social well-being.

The Nebraska Optometric Association has participated for 26 years in the See to Learn Program, with its members providing more than 20,000 free exams to 3-year-olds across Nebraska.

Nebraska’s See to Learn Month coincides with national Healthy Vision Month to emphasize the importance of eye examinations for all ages. Healthy Vision Month is organized by the National Institutes of Health’s National Eye Institute.

Recommendations for healthy vision include:

• Maintaining a healthy weight and diet.
• Knowing your family’s health history.
• Wearing protective eyewear during work and play.

• Protecting eyes from ultraviolet rays by wearing sunglasses.

For more information about See to Learn, go to or contact the Nebraska Optometric Association at 402-474-7716 or

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