Vision Testing

See To Learn was developed by the Eye Care Council as a preventive program to help make sure every child’s early education is unaffected by vision problems. Through See To Learn, parents can schedule a FREE vision assessment for their 3-year-old child in a participating optometrist’s office.

What to expect at your child’s vision assessment

Your child’s age will determine which testing is appropriate, but most assessments include a case history, vision testing, testing of eye alignment and an eye health examination, followed by a consultation with you on the findings.

The American Optometric Association recommends that babies have their first eye exam at 6 months, followed by exams at age three and before starting first grade. Preschoolers are given a set of specialized tests made for kids who don’t know their letters or numbers yet.

After that the AOA calls for vision assessments every two years for school-age children, with yearly visits for kids who wear glasses or contacts.

Schedule your child’s testing for a happy, rested time of day. Before the day of your appointment, take time to observe so that you can report any concerns: Is she rubbing her eyes? Squinting? Having trouble with eye contact? Do his eyes track moving objects? You should also tell your optometrist about:

See To Learn Doctors – Region 9 Area

Updated 10/5/2020


Hastings Vision Clinic

Eric Arneson OD
2119 West 12th St.
Hastings NE 68901

Advanced Eye Care

Nathan Bolen OD
Andrea Eigenberg OD
1414 West 12th St.
Hastings NE 68901

Grand Island

Eyecare Professionals of Grand Island

Dawn Langford OD
Jason Langford OD

Tyler Hanson OD

Christa Hunnicutt OD

William Kusek OD

420 North Diers Ave. P.O. Box 5076
Grand Island NE 68802

Family Eyecare Center

Josh Conner OD
Lynda Conner OD
Chad Hudnall OD
Stephanie Grabowski OD
2019 West St.
Grand Island NE 68801

Precision Vision

Tamara Bonnes OD
724 North Diers Ave.
Grand Island NE 68803


Minden Vision Clinic

Andrea Eigenberg OD
110 East Hawthorne St. P.O. Box 178
Minden NE 68959


Exact Eye Care

Jeffery Kozal OD
4919 2nd Ave. Suite 53
Kearney NE 68847

Kearney Eye Institute

Jerry Vaughan OD
411 West 29th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Optical Gallery

Mandy Johnson OD
220 West 39th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Walmart Vision Center

Betsy Turk OD
5411 2nd Ave.
Kearney NE 68847


Eyecare Professionals of Grand Island

Christa Hunnicutt OD
110 Jefferson St.
Aurora NE 68818


Sutton Vision Center

Jessica Moore OD
210 North Saunders Ave.
Sutton NE 68979

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