We are writing to remind PRT’s of their responsibilities under 480 NAC 3, specifically 3-002, in relation to the NDHHS RFP process of the EDN Services Coordination contracts.

3-002.01A Planning Region Team – Services Coordination Grant Award Activities:

Identification of Population: the planning region team will complete an assessment to identify the needs of eligible children and families in the region, and the capacity of the region to meet the assessed needs. This process is to be completed before entering into the contract/grants to ensure the recruitment, selection and hiring of services coordinator(s) meet the region’s identified needs.

Services Coordination: The planning region team does not have legal authority to enter into a contractual agreement for services coordination. To ensure a community-based decision, the planning region team is responsible for identifying potential provider(s). The team will:

  1. Provide general information to the community about services coordination contracting;
  2. Distribute the State’s request for proposal (RFP) to agencies in the region;
  3. Submit proposals that meet the RFP requirements for review.

DHHS has released the RFP for solicitation which is available through 10/1/2021 and can be viewed at https://das.nebraska.gov/materiel/purchasing/109245%20O3/109245%20O3.html.

Applications are due by November 12th. DHHS will coordinate with the PRTs to ensure they are able to review the applications for their region. DHHS, in collaboration with NDE, will ultimately award the contracts for services coordination agencies.